New Sanctuary Network | Tulsa

Supporting Persons Without Documents and Fighting Wholesale Deportation


The code number 287(g) is given to the program which empowers ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to enter into cooperative relationships with local law enforcement entities. In Tulsa, ICE has enlisted the Sheriff's Office as a partner organization for the purpose of dealing with immigration. The most important aspect of this relationship is the use of the David L. Moss Corrections Center as a holding facility for potential deportees.

New Sanctuary Network | Tulsa is opposed to this arrangement, and we have become part of a broad, ad hoc effort to end it. Led by many local activists, the campaign is already underway with letters, calls, organizational meetings, and direct contact with county commissioners, city leaders, and law enforcement officials.

In order to familiarize yourself with the issues, please review this sample letter from Bob Ritz that might be helpful in your own efforts to defeat 287(g).

If you'd like to become more directly involved in this effort and participate in the campaign as a representative of New Sanctuary Network, please contact Project Director Linda Allegro at (918) 743-2363.

We strongly encourage members and friends of New Sanctuary Network to write or call any of our three County Commissioners to voice your opposition to 287(g). They have the power to bring this program to a swift end.

The District #1 Commissioner is Stan Sallee.

The District #2 Commissioner is Karen Keith.

The District #3 Commissioner is Ron Peters.

All can be reached at this address:

Tulsa County Board of Commissioners | Ray Jordan Administration Bulding | 500 South Denver Avenue | Tulsa, Oklahoma  74103

Even if you don't live in the district of a particular commissioner, you are encouraged to write on this or any other issue.