New Sanctuary Network | Tulsa

Supporting Persons Without Documents and Fighting Wholesale Deportation


Many organizations and individuals in Tulsa are working on the question of deportation, the well being of persons without documents, heavyhanded enforcement by the federal government, the demonization of immigrants and refugees, and the coarsening of language and attitudes around the goal of a diverse, vital society. Even as we pursue different strategies, we are glad to join with anyone who shares our fundamental commitments. We will be heard.



ACTION (Allied Communities of Tulsa Inspiring Our Neighborhoods) is Tulsa's only broad-based organizing effort. Through their member institutions (congregations and non-profits), they teach the practical skills of public engagement to Tulsans. In so doing, ACTION aims to sustain a vibrant democratic culture in Tulsa, which builds the power necessary to effect change around issues that matter most to our families.

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Dream Alliance Oklahoma is a community-based organization that aims to support the local immigrant community to create social change through advocacy and education. Dream Alliance Oklahoma - Tulsa is a youth lead coalition that is an official affiliate with United We DREAM. The organization has been active since spring 2009' and became an official affiliate state in October 2010. The Alliance originally started at Tulsa Community College as the Hispanic Student Association. However, when students began to encounter issues regarding their undocumented status, DREAM Alliance Oklahoma was formed to serve the community through activism and advocacy.