New Sanctuary Network | Tulsa

Supporting Persons Without Documents and Fighting Wholesale Deportation


New Sanctuary Network | Tulsa opposes the wholesale deportation of persons without documents and seeks the decertification of ties between U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and any local law enforcement agency or entity. It is committed to the dignity and respect of all persons, regardless of status, in Tulsa and beyond. We will be heard.


New Sanctuary Network | Tulsa is a peaceable effort to resist the violent deportation of persons without documents and to challenge the growing hostility of our elected officials toward immigrants and refugees. Public opinion polls consistently show that American citizens do not favor the wholesale exile of persons without documents from their homes in the United States. And yet many elected officials would have us believe that these same persons are an imminent danger to our communities. Using inflammatory language, they have asked us to see them as rapists, gang members, and insidious threats to public safety. They are not. The vast majority are law-abiding, tax-paying  persons, waiting patiently to normalize their status and take up their lives as fully credentialed citizens of this country.

New Sanctuary Network | Tulsa is an interfaith organization of local citizens committed to the dignity and respect of persons without documents. We see them as partners in the creation of a vibrant, rich, and energetic local community. We celebrate our own immigrant heritage and honor it as a source of strength and pride. We are mainstream Christians, Jews, Unitarians, Evangelicals, Muslims, people of many other faiths and no particular faith, who welcome partners and friends in our efforts.

We have not issued a political manifesto, a radical call to arms, or a denunciation of any political party. We seek, in as few words as possible, to invite you to participate in our work.

We oppose the cooperation of any local governmental body in federal efforts to drive persons without documents from this country, and we ask that people who enjoy the privilege of citizenship stand with immigrants in their struggle. Our purpose is to bear witness, offer support, and share the resources of our community in gently interposing ourselves between vulnerable immigrants and the threat of violent deportation. Our chosen tools are song, prayer, presence, and moral outrage.